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A Beginner’s Guide To Your First Round Of Golf


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If you ask us, golf is the perfect place to while away a Sunday morning. There’s nothing better than teeing off early, enjoying a long round, and unwinding in the clubhouse afterwards. Perfect. Now, I’ve taken my fair share of newbies around the golf course, with varying success! It can feel intimidating taking your first round of golf. After all, it’s a bit of a men’s club out there. There are rules and etiquette to follow, and hitting the ball first-time isn’t as easy as it looks! In this post, I’ve compiled a few tips for beginners on their first tee time.

Choose the right course

For me, this is the single most important thing when teeing off for the first time. Every course is different, and each has its own nuances. Some courses are devilishly difficult, with tons of water hazards, long fairways, and tricky greens. A beginner is likely to have a nightmare on a course like this, and they’ll give up for good. You’re looking for a good starter course that is enjoyable, but playable. I like the Black Diamond Course at Healy; it’s a short 9-hole course with a 34 par. It’s perfect for beginners. Read about this, and find out more at their website.


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Attire and equipment

Some golf courses are very strict about their dress codes. So, do ensure that you contact the course beforehand, and double check the code. Typically, a collared polo shirt and slacks is the general dress code, and jeans may be prohibited. A reliable golf shoe will help you on the course, and may also be required by the club. As for the clubs, it’s usually worth hiring them on your first round. Don’t fill your bag full of 14 clubs. Stick to a couple of irons, a wedge, a putter, and a couple of numbered woods.

Take a team of four

Every golf course likes to keep a steady flow of traffic (more on this next). That means they prefer groups of four, as they can get more people on the course. If you turn up as a pair, they might team you up with another pair on the way round. As a newbie, that might make you feel a little more uncomfortable. It’s best to start with a group of four that all knows each other. They’ll have a little more patience when you’re on your sixth double bogey of the day!


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Keeping up

As I mentioned in the last point, the course likes to keep a steady flow of traffic. With that in mind, golf etiquette is all about keeping up with the guys in front of you. More importantly, it’s about not holding up the people behind you. Golf courses like to keep a flow, so try to keep up. Golfers are pretty patient about poor shots or hitting out of turn. But, if you slow down the game, you’ll start to irritate the other players!

Follow these basic rules, and you’ll have a fantastic first round of golf. Who knows, you might just become addicted to the great game!

4 Golf Tournaments Every Fan Must Attend

For any golf fan, it’s their dream to watch a tournament live. But with so many tournaments to choose from, it’s hard to know which one is worth spending your money on. Well, I’ve narrowed it down to four tournaments that I think every golf fan needs to attend at least once!

The Masters

One of, if not the most, prestigious golf tournament in the world. The Masters at Augusta is a huge event on the sporting calendar, and a must visit for die hard golf fans. You’ll find the whole tournament experience to be breathtaking and just pure, unadulterated golf. That’s what The Masters is all about, golf, golf and more golf. Everything about the place is golf related; some people call it the home of the sport. There’s so much history around the grounds and on the course, it’s a wonderful sight to behold. Plus, you’ll see all of the games biggest stars competing for the top prize.

The Ryder Cup

This is the big daddy of team golf tournaments; there is no event that compares to it. The Ryder Cup is a battle between America & Europe, as they fight it out to see who is best. The Europeans are the current holders, but the Americans will be hoping to regain the trophy next year. This event is truly special as it only happens once every two years and changes venue each time. The Ryder Cup 2016 shall be hosted in Minnesota and will undoubtedly be one of the hottest tickets in world sport. What makes this event so great is the unique atmosphere of the crowds, it’s really like no other. Usually, you have a large crowd of people cheering for lots of different players on the course. But with this event the crowd is either cheering for Europe or America, so it gets very passionate!


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US Open

This tournament is held in different places each year, but that doesn’t stop it from being memorable. Many people think of the US Open as the toughest tournament in golf, which leads to excellent entertainment. You get to see top class players struggle to compete in the tricky conditions and see some sublime shots being made. The US Open has a long list of past champions that have won there and gone on to achieve greatness in the sport. A wonderful tournament if you’re looking for nail-biting golf to watch.

The Players Championships

An annual event that features the top fifty players in world golf. The Players Championships can boast the biggest prize fund of any golfing event in the calendar. And boy does it show in the quality! You see the stars at their absolute best as they try to win the massive cash prize and a place in history. Plus, the course is one of the best in the world and easily accessible for fans. You’ll find yourself having great views of every single hole, and it makes you feel closer to the action. Also, it’s arguably the most scenic course there is, some of the views are absolutely stunning.


Foolproof Tactics For Improving Your Golf Swing



It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing. Teeing off in golf is one of the most difficult things to master. But without the ability, by the time you get to the green, everyone else will be heading for the clubhouse. It takes dedication, time and energy to perfect that all-important swing, and the fact that many pros still seek to get their just right is evidence enough.

However, there are ways and means of getting to grips with your driver correctly. And we thought we would go through the with you now. So, without further ado, here are some foolproof tactics for improving your golf swing.

Join A Club

It’s a simple starting point, but a necessary one. The better the golf club, the more experienced players will use it. And that means that there will be more people on hand to give you better quality advice. OK, so it might cost you a bit more to play at a Platinum Club than it does at your local pitch and putt. But every second of your time there could lead to an improvement in your swing. Many a hot tip has been relayed in the bar afterward, for example.

Study Online

There are hundreds – if not thousands – of golf swing tutorials online. Just search on YouTube and you will have instant access to plenty of helpful tips, from pros to amateurs alike. Look at your favorite golfing websites, too. There are plenty of hints from instructors that you can make use of to improve your game.

Practice At Home

You don’t have to hit the golf club to practice your swing. As long as you have the space, you can do it in your backyard, your garage or even your living room. For a more authentic session, try the Country Club Elite Golf Mats®. These type of products will help you get a more realistic swing going, and they even accept a tee for driving practice.

Go To A Driving Range

If your swing is in bad shape, then it probably isn’t fair to clog up your local golf course. Head out to a driving range and spend a few hours there, working out what works and what doesn’t. Remember, one-off hits don’t count, and it’s a process of finding out what works consistently that is going to help you more. Watch other people who are having success and try and replicate them. They may even be happy to give you some of their advice.

Hire A Tutor

Of course, the best way to improve your swing – and, indeed, your entire game – is by finding a reputable golf tutor. Look for somebody that you think you can get on with, as you may be spending plenty of time with them! As around your local club for recommendations and don’t be put off too much by the cost. If you want to improve your swing and get ahead in the game, then a tutor is going to be worth your money.

Any tips you can add? We’d love to hear them, so feel free to share away.


The Amazing Platinum Golf Clubs


If you love playing golf, then you probably want to play on the best courses. Great golf players know how to pick courses and they always choose the Platinum Clubs because they’re very simply the greatest courses to play on. Platinum Clubs are also a great way to get started on the best fairways if you are just starting out with this great sport. If you love playing golf, it’s the only way to play. To become a member and also to find Platinum Clubs in your area, just go ahead and use Platinum mobile.

The amazing benefits and advantages of Platinum Clubs

Of course, as with any prestigious golf club, you are going to get a ton of amazing advantages and benefits for being part of the Platinum Club. First of all, you are going to get a lot of complimentary rounds to look forward to. You will get complimentary rounds from Monday to Friday at private Platinum Clubs, and you will get complimentary rounds from Monday to Sunday at public Platinum Clubs. That’s a lot of free rounds to have! You will also get two rounds that are completely complimentary each month on every course, so you can literally play golf every day for free. With that being said, a lot of Platinum Club players like to just play on a few of their very favourite courses. So that will be up to your point of view and your choice.

Other benefits of the Platinum Club

There are other benefits to look forward to you as well. You will get reserve tee times on some specific courses, extra availability at public and private clubs in the network, extremely rare seven day access to all Platinum Club network courses, and you are also going to get week day guest passes for the Platinum Club that you consider to be your home club.

Finally, don’t forget about using the other facilities at the golf course. You will have access to the tennis courts both indoors and outdoors, courses in other parts of the country while you are traveling, tennis courts and fitness centers. There are also amazing dining centers that offer healthy and tasty food for every meal.

Entertain while you’re out on the course

Think about how great it would be to go golfing with your buddies and then shower and get ready for a delicious meal with some great drinks. You can even bring friends or family members who are not part of the Platinum Club. You will have special week day guest passes for them. This is a great way to hang out with friends or to entertain business partners or people you would like to work with. Have fun with Platinum Club, don’t forget to go to the website to learn more!

A Memorable Year in Golf

A Memorable Year in GolfNow I will be the first to admit that I am not a particularly big fan of golf and don’t follow it on the television or radio much.  However, I am aware of our many successes and did feel a sense of pride when the European team won the Ryder Cup against America and I recently read an interesting article by Mark Lawrenson on the Mail Online.

He was proposing his reasons why golf as a sport should win all the BBC’s Sports Personality of the Year awards this year.  He did point out that this would probably never happen but after reading his article I can see why he feels that way.

Europe’s Victorious Golf Team – Sports Team of the Year?

Europe should win the team award for one of the most memorable displays of dominance on golf courses in the Ryder Cup.  There was no other team that really displayed the same level of achievement this year.  It was surprising the US team have had such a bad run lately because unlike Europe, they have a good system for finding and developing talent in America and host one of the game’s biggest and most glamorous tournaments.

Paul McGinley – Sports Coach of the Year?

However, despite wondering where it went wrong for America, it was a clear and deserved victory for Europe.  Then there’s the title of Coach of the Year.  Which Mark Lawrenson felt should go to Paul McGinley for his efforts as the captain and coach of Europe.  He even sought help from Sir Alex Ferguson when dealing with the expectation that Britain and Europe had that he could help deliver a victory.  This and his whole performance in his role as coach are some of the reasons that people are suggesting that he could be the best coach of a Ryder Cup team since the legendary Tony Jacklin.

Rory McIllroy – Sports Personality of the Year?

While I don’t understand or get golf that well, this is the one I think I would agree with Mark Lawrenson the most with – that Rory McIllroy deserves to be made BBC’s Sports Personality of the Year.  For a start, there have only been two golfers in the history of the award who have won it, since 1965.  That was Dai Rees for when he captained Britain and Ireland when they won the 1957 Ryder Cup and Sir Nick Faldo when he won his very first Masters in 1989.

Even I can see that based on those statistics alone, there would be a serious amount of outcry if McIlroy didn’t win. After all, McIlroy has put together arguably the greatest season ever seen in European golf.

Many people would even argue that not even Sir Nick Faldo’s best could compete in terms of greatness with McIlroy’s.  Not only did he win 2 majors, but won the flagship event of the European Tour and one of the four WGC events that are only slightly less important than the majors.

That is without even mentioning his skill and level of play at the Ryder Cup.  Even as not the biggest fan of golf in the world I would be happy to see the viewer’s vote for Rory McIlroy as the Sports Personality of the Year 2014.

What do you think?  Has it been a great year for golf – the best even?  Let me know your thoughts and feelings.