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How To Get Started In Track Cycling


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Who doesn’t like cycling? Some of my fondest childhood memories involve tearing through puddles and down hills on my second-hand mountain bike. The speed and grace of cycling make it an incredibly enjoyable pastime. For some of us athletes though, activities can get a little dull when there’s no competition involved! Like a lot of people, you may be interested in track cycling. Here’s some info to get you started.

With a lot of sports, you often need to have the right body to start taking it seriously. Fortunately though, track cycling is accessible to a wide variety of people. If you know how to ride a bike, and have a decent amount of stamina, then you should be able to jump right into it. As you get more interested in the sport, you might want to do exercises to improve in a certain niche. Sprint cyclists, for example, need to have a lot of leg strength. Endurance riders, on the other hand, need to be light and able to pace themselves. If you’re already sporty though, starting shouldn’t be an issue.

Next, onto the gear you’ll need. As you can imagine, a proper track bike isn’t exactly cheap. This strikes some people as odd seen as they have no brakes and a single gear! Although the cyclist’s job is simplified, the construction of a track bike certainly isn’t! They’re made with high-quality carbon fibre, and designed to be exceptionally light and stiff. Cycle insurance is definitely a good idea. As with your physical condition, you won’t need to worry too much about the bike itself to begin with. Certain bikes are better suited to certain races. However, as a beginner, you’ll be fine with an all-round entry-level bike.

The next thing you’ll need to sort out is somewhere to ride. Track cycling can be done indoors or outdoors. The constant is that it’s always done on an oval track, with a length ranging from about 200 to 400 metres. The Olympic standard is 250 metres with a specific profile. Some endurance riders call that a warm-up! Search for a track cycling club in your local area. They’re usually run at leisure centres using temporary tracks. Many clubs will run beginner’s sessions to teach you proper technique. Even if your closest club doesn’t explicitly advertise this, there’s bound to be someone there who will be happy to show you the ropes.

As you learn the basics and get a feel for the banks in the track, you’ll probably find a certain event to focus on. The most common and simple event is the sprint, where two cyclists race each other to complete three laps of the track. Endurance riders will usually enter pursuit events. In these, two riders start at opposite sides of the track, pursuing each other over the course of 4000 metres. The Japanese “keirin” variation is even incorporates a pacing motorbike! There are many events to choose from, so take your time finding your niche. As I mentioned before, track cycling equipment isn’t cheap!


Easy Ways Anyone Can Make Money From Their Favorite Sports

If you’re the type of person who loves sports, you’d probably like to make some money from the pastime, right? Unfortunately, for most people, sports are nothing more than a hobby. That’s because it seems difficult to make a profit or get offered a position with a national team. However, there are many ways in which the keen enthusiast could raise some cash. It’s just that most people don’t know where to start. Considering that, the advice on this page will point you in the right direction. You probably won’t make a fortune, but those sports should stop costing you money at least.



Start a new local sports team

Starting a sports team can seem like a big step if you’ve never managed a club before. However, it’s a simple process that doesn’t require much effort. You just need to find a venue for your practice sessions, and a league to join. In most instances, you can advertise for players in shops and leisure centers in your hometown. Ask attendees to hand over a small training fee for joining your team. You can then use that money to cover any venue costs or similar fees. Who knows? You might even make a small profit if you’re careful. Just make sure there’s enough cash in the pot to pay for transport to your games, and everything should run smoothly.

Try your luck at predicting results

Another great way to make money from your favorite sports involves placing bets. Even if you’re just sitting at home watching the game with your friends, that should help to make it more exciting. The experts at say there are some excellent websites around today. Most of them offer incredible introductory deals, and they enable people to earn from all manner of different sports. Some even include the option to gamble on video games tournaments like Call of Duty. People from do their best to list all the main competitions you might like to follow. We don’t know if you’ll consider that sport or not, but some people evidently do. Again, that could be something that tickles your fancy if you want to make some extra cash from your hobbies this summer.



Invest in a successful local club

Some people have no desire to start a new sports team. That’s because they don’t like the idea of having to manage lots of people. However, there is a solution if you feel less than enthusiastic about creating something new. In most instances, you could invest in a successful local sports team and become part of the board. You just need to contact the biggest shareholders and ask about any opportunities. Nine times out of ten they will allow you to buy into the club because most smaller teams struggle for investment. You’ll then have financial interests in the progress of the team, and that should satisfy your urges. If the club makes a profit – so do you!

Now you know how to make money from your favorite sports, nothing should stand in your way. Just remember that gambling is probably the option that requires the least effort. So, most people will probably want to place some small bets first. However, many guides highlight the best ways to start a sports team online. So, you just need to perform more research if that suggestion sounds appealing.

Table Tennis For Beginners

Table tennis is a fantastic sport to get into. It doesn’t cost a lot of money to get started, and it’s a great way to bond with your friends. Whether you’re hoping to join the professional ranks or you want to play for fun, you’ll get the hang of it in no time. You’re going to need to know the rules and how to play, though. It’s time to walk you through the basics of table tennis.

If you’re familiar with regular tennis, you’re already at a great advantage. Table tennis shares many familiarities with its bigger brother, including the layout of the playing surface. Although you’re playing on a small table, there’s a net in the middle, and you need to bounce the ball on your opposition’s side. As in regular tennis, you can’t allow the ball to bounce two times on your own side, either. It doesn’t matter where you hit the ball, as long as it lands on the opposition’s side of the table.


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You can play the game with two or four players. Doubles is much harder for obvious reasons, so you might want to stick to singles competition while you get used to the sport. Point scoring is done on a traditional basis, with the first person to reach 11 points winning the game. You can have as many games as you like within a single match, and most choose to go for five or seven-game matches depending on how much time they have.

The table tennis bat is small, and you’ll have to take some time to figure out how it works. The ball is also very bouncy, so you’ll probably find that your first few shots will go way off target. It’s all about practice when you’re still learning. The more you play, the more you’ll understand how to play your shots. As you get really good, you can start learning how to spin the ball and throw your opponent off guard. That’ll take time, though. For now, stick to the basics.


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While you’re still getting used to the game, you’re going to want to play as much as you can. Table Tennis Hire is a popular option for those who want to get a lot of practice in. You can hire tables for loads of other reasons as well, such as hosting a tournament with your mates. If you’re looking to take your table tennis hobby to the next level, look for local competitions in your area. You’ll find teachers who are willing to train, and competitors who are of an identical skill level to you. They’re normally cheap to enter, and all you’ll need is your own bat.

Table tennis is a great sport that will help you make friends as well as challenge yourself and have fun doing so. It’s completely non-violent and can be played pretty much anywhere. It won’t break the bank, so anyone can get involved if they’re interested. You’ve picked a great choice, so get out there, start practicing and enjoy yourself!


Want To Look Like The Coolest Cyclist On The Road? Follow This Advice

Have you recently taken up cycling and want to look like the coolest cyclist on the road? If you’ve already landed an awesome bike, then these are the things you need to be rocking to look like the biggest pro on the road. Check it out!


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Amazing Kit

The most important part of your cycling attire is definitely your kit. Bright colours and slimline fit are the way to go here. The coolest cyclists on the road will be rocking some awesome gear, so be sure to make sure you pick out something great. If you can’t find any amazing cycling kit in sports stores near you, then try online. If you’re really stuck with what to wear on the road, then why not design your own cycling kit? Grab your laptop and get online, use a cycling kit designer to create your ultimate piece of cycling attire.

Cool Helmet

Now that you’ve got your kit sorted out, you’re going to want to compliment it with a really cool helmet. Ensure that the safety element of your helmet is there, as although style is important, this is crucial, too. Make sure that your helmet aerodynamically suits your ride. A great helmet will not only make you look awesome on the road, but it could also help you in your races. Again flashy colours and a streamlined look are the way to go here.

Shave Your Legs

Another way to improve your aerodynamics is to shave your legs. Don’t worry, this is common amongst cyclists! Don’t think this will make you look very cool? Consider this, because it really will. You’ll be zipping around the track on your bike with the additional aerodynamics. Thus leaving all of your cycling competitors behind! That will surely make you look like the coolest cycling on the road.


Next up, kit yourself out with a smartwatch to monitor your health and fitness activity during your rides. Apple’s Apple Watch is certainly great for this. They’re pricey, but well worth your while! Strap one of these to your wrist when competing. That way you’ll be able to monitor your heartbeat, the distance you’ve travelled and the number of calories you’ve burned. This will be really handy information when you’re trying to improve your cycling skills a lot.


Finally, pick yourself up an iPod to make sure that you can rock out to your favourite tunes while on the go. Compliment your iPod with some incredible sport headphones. Sport headphones wrap around your ears better, and are less prone to fall out on the go. However, if you are wearing headphones, be sure to keep your visibility on alert so that you don’t have any nasty accidents! This is just one way to stay safe on the road.

Ultimately, if you follow these tips, then you’re going to look like the coolest cyclist on the road! These tips will all help your cycling experience, particularly if you’re new to the sport. Good luck and happy cycling!

Sports Facilities Every Top School Needs

When you’re trying to grab the attention of parents thinking about sending their child to your school you need all the help you can get. And good sports facilities can make all the difference.

In fact, stunning sports facilities can generate that wow-factor that elevates the entire university. Just think about what’s happened to Loughborough’s reputation, all thanks to its sporting excellence. Exam result league tables are exam result league tables. But nothing can quite compare to stunning parents with incredible facilities on your school open day.

Tennis Courts

Many parents are looking to send their child to a school where they can develop all their many talents. This includes, among other things their sporting prowess. Amazingly, a lot of schools neglect to install a simple tennis court on the school playground. This is an especially egregious omission, since many schools also offer tennis scholarships. Don’t miss out on attracting talented students to your school and boost demand for places.



Climbing Wall

A school with a good climbing wall can elevate itself above the competition. It’s something a little bit unusual.

It’s especially useful if you want to attract boarders. Incorporating activities like climbing into your weekend schedule makes boarding more palatable. This is because parents want to see their children active and engaged at weekends. A climbing wall is a great selling point.

Synthetic Pitch

Inter-school sports is now a massive cultural phenomenon. Having the appropriate facilities is important for maintaining sporting standards. But it’s also important for elevating the status of the school. Installing something like Multiturf Astro turf can make all the difference. This is especially true when it comes to the most popular school sports, hockey, netball and cricket.



Squash Courts

Top schools now offer squash courts as part of their sporting facilities, as do most top-notch gyms. Although squash might not be the most popular sport on the calendar, having the option to play squash will attract interest in the school.

Again, it’s something a little out of the ordinary. Prospective parents will leave with the impression that the school is wonderfully well equipped.

Swimming Pool

Swimming pools are good, not only for making swimming a part of the curriculum, but also generating revenue for the school. Facilities like swimming pools can be hired out at favourable rates during the holidays or at weekends. In fact, depending on the numbers you expect, you may be able to negotiate a better price. That money you generate can then be fed back into marketing the school, paying off loans or improving other facilities. Companies like UK Swimming Pools can handcraft bespoke pools for any most situations.

Fencing Salle

Fencing is one of those inspiring sports that generates a sense of amazement. It’s also a high-status pursuit, a bit like polo. If your school’s revenue depends on attracting wealthy parents, including a fencing salle can be a mark of exclusivity.

What’s more, because good fencing facilities are in general rare you’ll garner more attention for the school. Perhaps you could begin hosting fencing competitions of your own. Or, again, hire out your facilities to local clubs and societies.


A Beginner’s Guide To Your First Round Of Golf


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If you ask us, golf is the perfect place to while away a Sunday morning. There’s nothing better than teeing off early, enjoying a long round, and unwinding in the clubhouse afterwards. Perfect. Now, I’ve taken my fair share of newbies around the golf course, with varying success! It can feel intimidating taking your first round of golf. After all, it’s a bit of a men’s club out there. There are rules and etiquette to follow, and hitting the ball first-time isn’t as easy as it looks! In this post, I’ve compiled a few tips for beginners on their first tee time.

Choose the right course

For me, this is the single most important thing when teeing off for the first time. Every course is different, and each has its own nuances. Some courses are devilishly difficult, with tons of water hazards, long fairways, and tricky greens. A beginner is likely to have a nightmare on a course like this, and they’ll give up for good. You’re looking for a good starter course that is enjoyable, but playable. I like the Black Diamond Course at Healy; it’s a short 9-hole course with a 34 par. It’s perfect for beginners. Read about this, and find out more at their website.


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Attire and equipment

Some golf courses are very strict about their dress codes. So, do ensure that you contact the course beforehand, and double check the code. Typically, a collared polo shirt and slacks is the general dress code, and jeans may be prohibited. A reliable golf shoe will help you on the course, and may also be required by the club. As for the clubs, it’s usually worth hiring them on your first round. Don’t fill your bag full of 14 clubs. Stick to a couple of irons, a wedge, a putter, and a couple of numbered woods.

Take a team of four

Every golf course likes to keep a steady flow of traffic (more on this next). That means they prefer groups of four, as they can get more people on the course. If you turn up as a pair, they might team you up with another pair on the way round. As a newbie, that might make you feel a little more uncomfortable. It’s best to start with a group of four that all knows each other. They’ll have a little more patience when you’re on your sixth double bogey of the day!


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Keeping up

As I mentioned in the last point, the course likes to keep a steady flow of traffic. With that in mind, golf etiquette is all about keeping up with the guys in front of you. More importantly, it’s about not holding up the people behind you. Golf courses like to keep a flow, so try to keep up. Golfers are pretty patient about poor shots or hitting out of turn. But, if you slow down the game, you’ll start to irritate the other players!

Follow these basic rules, and you’ll have a fantastic first round of golf. Who knows, you might just become addicted to the great game!

Athletes, Supplements & Side Effects

Let’s get one thing straight. Amino acids are essential to our diets. They’re nutrients. They’re designed to help us maintain a healthy lifestyle. And yet, for some reason, they’ve been somewhat demonized. Thanks to the increased consumption of proteins, people are associating them with health concerns. And while there is indeed some truth in that consuming too much protein can be harmful, that doesn’t mean you can go without it.

The amount of protein you get in your diet should be relative to a lot of other factors, such as age and weight. There is no one size fits all answer here, no matter how hard people look for it. Every diet should be tailored to an individual specifically. Otherwise, you aren’t going to see as many benefits.

For many people, protein supplements are a helpful way of increasing your intake of essential amino acids. Not getting enough protein is just as much of a problem as consuming too much. Supplements, when combined with diet, allow people to find a common balance. Especially athletes, who are constantly burning high levels of energy and need to offset that loss.

Supplements can be invaluable, but they also have side effects. That, by no means, means they should be shunned, but you should take care, for sure. Here are some things you may need to look out for and adjust your intake accordingly.

Common Side Effects

The most common complaint when it comes to consuming too many essential amino acids. Although side effects are rare, they are possible if you take too many. All three of these – aches, pains, and nausea – are signs that you need to cut down. It is your body’s way of telling you that it isn’t okay with what you’re putting in it. Listen to your body. You know it better than anybody else.

There has also been a common link between beta-alanine and tingling. The performance enhancing supplement is known to be helpful, but the beta alanine tingling is common. Understanding why it’s causing such a reaction is important.


What to Watch Out For

These are all signs that the glucose levels in your blood are out of whack. This is most common during or in the immediate aftermath of surgery. As you can probably imagine, this is most common amongst athletes who have suffered from muscle injuries. It is important to get enough protein after muscle tears to help them rebuild. Some, however, try to overcompensate for muscle growth, and that can lead to the side effects.

It’s not just your age and body weight that you need to take into account when working out your protein consumption, either. You will need to seek medical advice on protein consumption if you’re a recovering alcoholic. You might also need to tailor your plan if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding. It’s also important to look at links between your supplements and any other medications you can be taking. The combined chemicals can have a negative effect on your body, which can result in these problems.

A Beginner’s Guide to FUT ’16


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In the aftermath of Christmas, it’s quite likely that many of you were treated to the latest edition of FIFA. If you’re a returning player, you’ll know that one of the best features in the series is Ultimate Team. It keeps players coming back to the mode time and time again, even when other parts of the game are lacking. You can have endless fun both on and offline as you build your dream squad and take on the computer or other real players. What’s not to love?

As always with new releases, there are a few changes to the game mode with this year’s edition. There’s even an entirely new feature that has been drafted in (see what I did there?). That’s why we’ve compiled this guide so that you, too, can master the most popular game mode in the FIFA series.

It’s a good idea to keep up to date on changes to the game mode. You can find all the latest info for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team online.

Squad Building

The very nature of the FUT mode means that you build your own squad. Though, don’t think for a second that your opportunities are limitless! For sure, you can fill your team with the biggest names in world football, but they won’t gel like a proper team. FUT uses a chemistry rating to determine how your team gels together. Players from the same team, league, or nation will play better in unison. You can boost chemistry by drafting in a manager, or with special chemistry boosters.

The Draft

The draft mode is the new feature in this year’s Ultimate Team, and it’s picking up some major plaudits for its innovation. It works much in the same way as the regular game mode, but the rewards are far more lucrative. So much so, that you need to buy or earn tokens to compete. The prizes for going unbeaten throughout the tournament, though, are unparalleled. You start by choosing a captain, and then have to build your team to maximum chemistry with the options offered to you. Easier said than done.

Understanding Items

Like any trading card game (which is what FUT is, in essence), there are a number of boosters to acquire. These can range from healing items for your injured players, to manager cards to boost your team’s chemistry. A new addition to FUT in 2015/16 is the addition of loan players. Now, if you’re struggling for coins and in a position of need, you can use your EA points to purchase loan players. You can find these in the catalogue, but be warned; they will disappear from your squad after their game time has been reached.

Transfer Market

Just like in real life, transfers are a big part of football in FIFA Ultimate Team. The way it works in the game is a lot like the stock market in real life. You put your players up for auction and they go to the highest bidder. Concept squads are a great way of planning for teams with maximum chemistry. You can put in some predetermined factors, such as an all-Serie A team, and the computer will generate the best players in each position. Then, you can quickly go into the transfer market and buy the players you need. Easy!

Make It A Home; Put Your Mark On A New House



If you’re a fitness obsessive (like us), there’s nothing worse than a long-term injury. It puts us out of the game for weeks, and we quickly become frustrated. After all, fitness is our release! Running, cycling, or football keeps our stress down, and our body active. We need fitness in our lives!

When a doctor tells us to rest up for a month, it’s a big blow. Of course, we know that we must follow their advice, or we’ll only make it worse. But that doesn’t make it any easier. One thing you can do, is start planning your comeback. By focusing on building back to your former self, it will keep your mind sharp, and your body prepared. Here’s how to come back strong after an injury.

Speak to a doctor

First of all, you’ve got to get an accurate diagnoses from a doctor. We all like to think we can power through a small injury, but make sure it’s nothing worse. If you’re a marathon runner or long-distance cyclist, even a small injury can turn into something much worse. Get an accurate diagnoses, and then you can focus on how to recover. That will mean finding the right knee injury treatment for marathon runners, and a timeline for recovery.

Rest up

Now comes the difficult part. You really do need to rest up, and let your body do the hard-work. Your body will heal itself, but it takes a while. And, every time you put more pressure on the injury, you’ll go back two steps. It’s very easy to turn a three-week injury into a two-month problem.

Keep a healthy diet

A good diet is critical to your recovery. We all know that a healthy, balanced diet improves our performance, but it’s easy to give up when you’re injured. You turn to snacking (out of boredom), and we often lose our appetite through lack of exercise. It’s vital that you maintain your healthy constitution. Remember, vitamins from fruit and vegetables will speed up your recovery.

Ease back into it

As the weeks pass, you can begin to work on a few low-pressure movements. Take this slowly, and build back into your fitness routine. Start with a few simple stretches. Remember, your muscles have been out of action for a while, you’ll need to take this slowly. Stick to short sessions, and listen to your body. If it feels painful, stop immediately. You’ll eventually rebuild your stamina, but you can’t expect instant results. Patience is key here.

Keep your mind stimulated

The hardest part about dealing with an injury is keeping your mind occupied. It’s very easy to dwell on the injury, and become frustrated. It’s time to stimulate yourself in other ways. Try to keep busy with books, or learn a new skill. Fitness obsessives like to keep challenging themselves, so find a new way to push your limits!

Don’t worry, you’ll be back to full fitness in no time. Rest up, stick to the doctor’s orders, and ease back into your fitness routine.

Everything You’ll Need To Mimic Your Favourite Football Stars

We watch football on the television and we love to look up to our favourite stars. The likes of Tom Brady and Peyton Manning continue to inspire generations of youngsters. So, if you’re looking for ways to mimic them and be like them you need to follow this guide. Trying to emulate the big stars of today can help to turn you into a star of the future. Check out these ideas you can use to help you mimic your favourite football stars.

Understand the Game

The first thing you need to do is to get to grips with the basics of the game. This means you’ve got to understand the rules, tactics and plays prevalent in modern football. It is a complex and strategic game, so you need to be dedicated, and take the time to learn. The better an understanding you have of the game, the better you can play it. So, take this opportunity to brush up, study the rules and process how to excel in this popular sport.

Own the Gear

After you get to grips with the basics of the sport, you need to make sure you have all the correct gear. You can’t play football if you don’t make sure you have all the stuff with you. Can you imagine Richard Sherman running out for the Seahawks without the right gear?!  You need to make sure you gear up this football season with new cleats, a helmet and pads. Having the right stuff is important for learning to play the sports, but it’s essential for health and safety as well. So don’t overlook this aspect, or try to cut corners.

Watch Lots of NFL

Mimicking your favourite stars means watching and analysing the way that they play. And to do this you need to make sure you watch lots of NFL games. Nobody knows what to expect out of this year’s NFL so you need to make sure you watch as many games as possible. This way you can see how your icons perform, and whether they have any new plays they are working on. This is the best way to get up to speed with how players play, and pick up anything you can try out.

Join a Team

So, now you’re ready to take what you’ve learnt and observed and put it into practice. You’re ready to join a team and start playing football. Now, take a look at your local area, as there will most likely be a team you can sign up for. If there isn’t, why not think about starting a team yourself? There are bound to be some interested parties in your area. It’s a great way to bond with others over a mutual appreciation of the sport, and it’s very sociable.


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As you can see, there is plenty you can do if you want to mimic your favourite football stars. You’re going to need to be disciplined and dedicated in order to do so. But, if you can follow this advice, you’ll go a long way toward being able to achieve exactly what you want.