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Cycling Accessories For Beginners

Cycling is a great hobby that can also double up to be part of a healthy exercise routine.  It requires minimum experience and actual skill and costs a lot less than many other hobbies.  There is also the fact that when you have a bike you can ride, you have to reasonable extent, freedom.  That being said, to get the full benefit of cycling as a pastime you need to invest in some, not many, handy accessories.  In the following article we look at a few of these.


It is particularly important if you are heading out on the main roads and streets of the UK that you wear a cycling helmet, though really anywhere you decide to ride you should wear one.  Helmets are important as the protect you from having serious head injuries when falls from bikes inevitably happen.  A good helmet is one that should fit comfortably and securely on your head.  One that has adjustable cradle to ensure it fits your head perfectly and with absorbency pads for comfort and protection when a fall happens is highly recommended.  The thing to note is that an expensive helmet does not necessarily mean it is more protective.  Often more expensive helmets are just so because they offer more ventilation or extras that are not as important.

Cycling Shoes

You may not have given much thought to the type of shoes you are going to wear while cycling, thinking that a normal pair of trainers would suffice.  However, there is a lot of good reasons why you should consider purchasing cycling shoes  as not only are they more comfortable than the average sport shoe, they also are designed to improve and help your performance.  They work in a similar fashion to ski binding and when you use them with clip-less pedals, you are able to pedal easier and more efficiently.


Along with cycling shoes, clothing is something you should not overlook as an unnecessary extra.  Given that you will be spending a large percentage of the year cycling in the poor weather we have come to accept as the norm in this country, having sufficient layers that will help you cycle for as long as you need without becoming uncomfortable or too cold, are vital.  There are many guides online and everyone has their own preference, but a three layer system is the best option when you are on your bike in less than favourable conditions as you can always remove a layer if you need to.

Bottle And Cage

The least expensive accessory for cycling is also one of the most necessary and that is a water bottle and cage to hold it in on your bike.  The great thing is that this is almost a standard across the board in most models of bikes from the major manufacturers.  Obviously when you are taking part in any physical activity, you secrete through sweat a lot of liquid and to prevent dehydration you need to replenish that.  So even if it is a cold and windy day, you should always cycle with a full bottle of water and refill it as and when you need to.


Can Andy Murray inspire the Britain to Davis Cup glory?


The British team booked their place at the Davis Cup semi finals last week when they defeated France 3-1 at Queens Club, and their opponents will be Australia.

The semi final is scheduled to begin on September 18th 2015, and concludes on the 20th of the same month.

The winners will face either Belgium or Argentina, who are the other semi finalists, towards the end of November in the final.

Britain’s opponents were on the verge of a Davis Cup exit at the hands of Kazakhstan in their quarter final, but a heroic fight back from 2-0 down saw them come out as eventual 3-2 winners, and setting up what is already an eagerly awaited semi between two nations who revel in their rivalry among many sports.

Success in the final, should Britain get there, would see them hit a feat, which has not been reached since 1936 – when the great Fred Perry was in his prime. Strangely enough, it was Australia who they beat that year – and Andy Murray and the rest of his team will be hoping for the same once again over 80 years later.

Andy Murray will be the only top 10-ranked player to feature in any of the semi finals, and he also sees his country drafted in as the favourites to win the cup too.

Looking at the current odds, Britain are 13/8 favourites, with Australia, Argentina and Belgium all standing on odds of 3/1 as things stand – but those odds could certainly change between now and the 18th of September – with fitness and form for all players key in the build up.

Britain’s Andy Murray has already been speaking ahead of the fixture, and he was keen to press his statement that you ‘cannot win the tournament as a one-man team’:

“Having got this far, I’d obviously love to go on and win it, but Australia will be extremely difficult in September and everyone has to play their part again. As I say, you can’t win this event as a one-man team,” He continues,

“One of the great things about the Davis Cup is that when you’re struggling, you can call on the crowd to help you out.”

And the crowd will certainly be behind Murray and his teammates, with Glasgow being touted as a potential venue for the event at the cities Emirates arena.

Manchester Arena, Birmingham’s National Exhibition Centre and Coventry’s Ricoh Arena are also likely to be viewed as potential venues too – with an official venue expected to be announced within the next couple of weeks.

7 Must Have Apps to Watch the Game on the Go

Have you ever absolutely needed to watch the game or at least check the big plays but been stuck somewhere without any television in sight? Chances are you are a busy person and have found yourself in such a predicament. The good news is that modern technology has circumvented this dilemma with your smartphone, and with a Wi-Fi connection (or a preposterously good data plan) and a few choice apps, you can watch the game wherever you are on your great-looking smartphone screen.


Here are seven apps that will ensure you never miss those big plays again:


If it involves a ball or even the slightest bit of physical activity, it is probably on ESPN. And if you enjoy sports, you probably have some sort of subscription or connection to ESPN. WatchESPN will allow your phone to take advantage of that and watch live feeds from all of the major ESPN channels after you verify your subscription. Most of the large TV providers are involved, so it shouldn’t cost you anymore than you’re already paying for your cable service.

This is great if you also enjoy some other shows in addition to the live events that are shown on ESPN, so keep that in mind as well.

NFL Mobile

If you’re looking to watch the big NFL games, NFL Mobile is the app you want installed on your device. In addition to being able to stream live games shown on local TV, the app will also provide you with scores, standings, other stories, and just about anything that you might want or need.

The only real concern that should be mentioned about this app (other than its limitations to Verizon customers only) is that blackouts often concur with local broadcast blackouts. Essentially this is no different than broadcasters, but be aware that this app cannot work miracles.

Fox Sports Go

Fox Sports Go is the app you want if your team is playing on any of the Fox Sports channels. All it requires is having Fox Sports on your cable or satellite package, and it brings the impressive collection of Fox Sports channels to wherever you are on your Android device. It even includes live streaming of major events. Unfortunately while live NFL games won’t be available for phones, most other big sports leagues are involved. It’s definitely worth it if you already have the subscription.

CBS Sports

It’s one of the best sports apps if what you want to watch is going to be broadcast on CBS, and this app handles the major events with relatively little hassle. In addition, you have the benefit of watching a couple of sports shows on the app as well, in addition to the usual statistics and even radio, which is a great feature for listening while you workout. CBS Sports is another absolute must-have if you are using an Android device.

A Virtual Private Network

When you are watching or checking the game on your smartphone, you are almost certainly not at home on a safe network. You are more likely on a highly unsafe public network, where any hacker who feels like it can intercept your data, passwords, and whatever you send or receive through the network. At the very least, someone could take the password and username to the app account you use to watch the game. At the worst, they could use the login information to hack other accounts and steal your identity.

That means you need protection on a public network, and a VPN offers that protection. It connects you to a safe offsite server that allows you to browse online (including watching that game) over an encrypted connection. No one will know what you are watching, and no one will be able to get any data off of your device. If you want to find a good VPN to safely watch the game, check out these reviews and see what might be best for you.

Yahoo Sports

While Yahoo Sports does not let you stream live games on your smartphone, if you find yourself somewhere that the connection isn’t enough for you to stream a video anyways, it is one of the best apps for scores updates and play highlights. Try not to think of it as a lower level of app for your sports needs but an intermediary that will see you through the hard times when watching a video might not be the most convenient or polite thing to do.


Team Stream

Another app that isn’t necessarily for streaming live games, though it does feature highlight videos, is Team Stream. This tool keeps you and your inner super-fan in the know about your favorite team or teams. The app allows you to select your favorite teams from a variety of sports and then sends you a feed of everything you could ever possibly want to know about each team. This is great for helping you decide what to watch and reminding you about upcoming games.

Thank you for reading. Here’s to a winning season and good times with your favorite team wherever you are!

What Wimbledon 2015 Tells Us From The Rest of The Tennis Year


Wimbledon is done and dusted for another year and although it was not a great year for British tennis fans, it was nevertheless a great tournament for tennis fans – even if the end results were not particularly surprising.  With both the woman’s number one Serena Williams and men’s number one Novak Djokovic hammering the opposition to pick up wins, it serves as a good indicator for how the rest of the year will go.  In the following article we look at Wimbledon’s affects on the rest of the year.

Who Can Stop Sensational Serena?

While a great thing for the individual and the record books, it is never really surprising when one of the favourites wins one of the major tournaments of the year.  However, when the winner is Serena Williams and you factor in the fact that she is now 33 and after a few bad years seems to be in as good a form as she has ever been; you have to wonder, who can actually stop her?

She currently holds all 4 of the major titles, Wimbledon, US, Australian and French.  If she retains the US Open title later in the year, and judging by her performance this year so far it seems likely, she will have the distinction of holding all four titles within the same calender year.  This is the second time in her long and intriguing career that she has achieved what has been christened as the “Serena Slam”.  She managed to win the French despite suffering from illness throughout the competition and there were only a few minor upsets and wobbles at the All England Club, mainly thanks to her thrilling match with the Brit Heather Watson.

Djokovic Is No Joke

Although Novak Djokovic has already missed his chance to achieve a calendar Slam, as he messed up at the final of the French Open, he still has the opportunity to play out 2015 with three of the four.  It seemed to be touch and go for the world number one though, during the 2nd set of the Wimbledon final against Roger Federer and he even lost some of his unaffected coolness.  He slammed his racket down and was clearly riled up and rattled by the Swiss legend.  However, doing what he done best, he pulled back the game and crushed Federer in the final two sets to win Wimbledon for a third time.  If his performance continues to shine as it has done, he will be more than prepared to make the finals and win at the US Open at Flushing Meadows.

Are Nadal And Federer Yesterday’s News?

It was another bad year for the Majorcan Rafael Nadal as he was sent packing in an early round by Dustin Brown.  It seems that the so-called king of clay is no longer finding his mojo on his favourite surface of grass either.  It seems as if his long standing injuries are starting to really impede his performances.  Along with Nadal and despite the fact he does actually win things, there are big questions over whether Roger Federer can continue to be a formidable opponent.  In his early 30’s it is likely that he only has a couple of years or so left before he retires.

With the above in mind you may be able to put your money to good use by betting on one of the favourites, especially if it is Djokovic or Williams.

History and Origin of Wimbledon


While the final hot moments of “The Championships” of Wimbledon for 2015 is over for this year on the centre court, we would like to take you back to memory lane to discover the history and origins behind this century old top tennis tournament that is considered as one of the most awaited sporting event worldwide. This tournament which gathers the world’s best tennis players, is held annually for a period of 2 weeks from late June until early July, marking the beginning of summer in Britain. Though it does not last for a longer period, as we reckon you would have fancied, you may still enjoy the experience of Wimbledon throughout the year at Spin and Win casino with Winbledon Slot. You can show your best aces on the tennis themed 5 reels 25 payline Winbledon slot, where you will discover features such as Bonus Round, Free Spins, and Expanding Wild that could uncover great prizes.

Wimbledon is the oldest and by far the most prestigious tennis tournament in the world. Its name is derived from the suburb of Wimbledon in south west London, where it has been held since the year 1877, when the very first tournament was played 138 years ago and won by 27 year old Spencer William Gore. Wimbledon has been held since its creation at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club and it is the only one out of the four Grand Slam tennis tournament to be played on grass. Until 1882, various sporting activities were held at the All England Croquet and Lawn Tennis Club, when it was decided that Lawn Tennis would be only activity of the club, thereafter.

The first Wimbledon Championship had only one event, which was the Gentleman’s Single, unlike today’s tournament which include five major events, namely the men’s single and double matches, the women’s single and double matches, and the mixed doubles. The first final won by Spencer Gore against his opponent William Marshall lasted only 48 minutes, and it was played in front of a crowd of 200 people, who paid a shilling each to attend this premiere tennis event. During the infancy stage of lawn tennis, basic homemade equipment were used by players who had imprecise strokes, as no top of the range rackets were available during that period.

1915 to 1918 and 1940 to 1945 were the two period of time when no Wimbledon tournaments were held because of the First and Second World Wars respectively, however the game still grew in popularity over time. The very first Women’s Singles tennis event was held in 1884 and won by Maud Watson, and in the same year the Gentlemen’s Doubles event was also introduced. In 1967, the Wimbledon Tournament made history when this event happened to be the first broadcast to ever be televised in colour. As you may have noticed, upon completion of the five major competitions, the winners are presented with the traditional Wimbledon trophies.

The traditional serving Strawberry and Creams at the Winbledon Championships began in 1953 and 1970 respectively, and the two have since become an essential part of the tournament traditions!

5 Simple Tips For Healthy Eating


Healthy eating does not mean counting every single calorie, or aiming for an unrealistically low weight. It does typically mean making some changes to your diet, however, in order to limit bad foods and ensure that you are enjoying a balanced diet of those foods that are considered good. By implementing some simple changes, you can start to see positive physical, mental, and bodily improvements in a relatively short time.

1. Know What You’re Eating

Prepare your own meals, avoid processed and junk food, and read the labels of packets and jars. If you’re eating out, then don’t be afraid to ask about the ingredients in particular dishes, or stick to a more predictable salad. If you don’t know what you’re eating, then you have no idea whether it’s healthy or not.

2. Drink Water

Water flushes toxins from our system, and the body can mistake feeling thirsty for feeling hungry. Drinking a glass of water about half an hour before you eat means that you may feel less hungry when it comes to meal time. Water is also essential if you are exercising in a bid to further improve your health, and it can help avoid numerous physical problems.

3. Reduce Portion Sizes

Buy slightly smaller plates, don’t fill your plate until it overflows, and cook a little less than you normally would. Large portion sizes are a blight that many of us suffer, even though we don’t necessarily plan to eat gargantuan portions. It isn’t necessary to eat until you’re bloated, so reduce your portion size and wait until your meals have had chance to digest before attacking a second helping. You may already be full.

4. Track Your Food Intake

Whether you’re simply trying to eat a more healthy diet, or you are combining diet and exercise in a bid to try and improve your overall health, tracking your food intake enables you to monitor progress and see where you can make further improvements. An app like Superbody is convenient and always accessible, and because it is on your mobile phone, you can use it when you eat out or eat at a friend’s house too.

5. Eat Breakfast And Avoid Night-Time Snacks

Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. Research shows that eating breakfast means that you will be less inclined to snack through the day, which also means that you can avoid especially unhealthy night-time snacking. These midnight snacks don’t have chance to digest properly, and giving your body as long a rest from digestion as possible has also been shown to be beneficial to health.

Ultimate lounge set ups to catch the game


Watching the game at home isn’t quite the same as watching it live at a stadium, with a hot dog in one hand, surrounded by fellow fans. However, you can still make watching your favourite sports an enjoyable, fun experience for you and your friends. If you are lucky enough to have a room you can play around with, there are some great ideas to change your living space into the ultimate sports viewing space.

Watching sports can often be a social activity where you and your friends relax, watch the game and experience the highs and lows together. You can create a party experience using your living space, and have food and drinks on hand to make the experience enjoyable. Creating a space where you get the best experience can be as easy as making a few simple changes such as changing around the furniture, investing in a large TV screen and having comfortable seating ready to watch your favourite sports. If you want to fit lots of your friends into your room, you could invest in cinema style seating so that everyone is comfortable and has a clear view of the TV screen. This makes the whole experience seem more professional, and you can invite as many friends as your sports room can hold.

Some lounge set up ideas

You can create the ultimate sports den by changing the colour of the walls, adding photos or artwork from your favourite team and having a real sporting theme throughout the room. For example, you could decide on a specific sports theme such as football and decorate the space accordingly. You can also add games machines, a pool table, memorabilia and trophies. If you can make the sports room as interesting and interactive as possible, it can make the whole experience more exciting and enjoyable. You might find that you’ll have the whole neighbourhood wanting to experience your sports room if you get it right.

Get the essentials right

There are a few essentials when it comes to creating the perfect sports room, and the main one is having a large TV, preferably in high definition. It should be positioned in the room so that everyone seated can easily view the action. You could also think about having blackout shutters installed so that you can all focus on the screen with no glare from the sunlight or distractions outdoors. It can also give a cinema or sports bar experience, which can make watching the game even more enjoyable.

Investing in an entertainment centre may also be worthwhile, as you can also have a surround system so that you and your friends can all hear the game. Besides comfortable seating, having enough table space for your array of beverages and snacks is also vital.

You want your sports room too be somewhere that your friends can come to and enjoy the game, socialise, relax and have fun. It could turn out to be the perfect place for all your social gatherings if you make it an enjoyable experience. You might never want to visit a live sporting event again.

Fancy Costumes UK Stars Swim In


Have you ever coveted the swimsuits that celebrities and stars wear on their trips to the beach? Don’t they look fabulous? While their swimsuits seem to be unique and really amazing, in reality, these are just any other swimming costumes. Sure, some of them are designer swimsuits, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot wear them, as long as you have the budget for it. The only reason why these celebrities stand out is because they make the right choice in regard to their body. This means that the fancy costumes UK star swim in are according to their body type so they manage to look spectacular in them.

If you also want to wear one of those swimming costumes that UK stars swim in, all you have to do is understand your body shape and choose a swimsuit accordingly:

The Pear Shape

This is when you are smaller on top and curvy at the thigs and hips like Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce. The key to getting the perfect swimsuit for a pear shape body is to get the coverage you need for your bottom half and balance your proportions. The bottom can be minimized with an eye-catching top or a plunging neckline that draws the eyes upward. Don’t go for a thick-banded bottom or a boy short as the extra fabric will highlight your bottom.

Large Bust

This is when you are chesty i.e. have ample cleavage and need more support on top like Sofia Vergara and Katy Perry. Support is essential if you are chest is well-endowed. Go for swimsuits that have molded cups or underwire for giving the girls some support. Don’t choose embellishments and ruffles if you don’t want people to focus on your chest.

Small Bust

This is when you have small proportions on top such as Kate Hudson. As less support is needed, you can go for some really stylish and fancy costumes that UK stars swim in. These include swimsuits that are embellished and offer minimal coverage. You can go for suits that have patterns or bows for creating the illusion of a bigger chest. Tops with bold prints and triangle tops are able to give the illusion of curves.


This is when you have fewer curves and are straighter from top to bottom like Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Biel and Cameron Diaz. Here you have to go for styles that will aid you in flaunting your frame. You can create the illusion of a curvier and shapelier figure by wearing suits that offer less coverage. You can add some feminine flair and intrigue by opting for tops and bottoms with bold embellishments, ruffles and prints. Choose a small bottom to give your derriere a curvier and fuller appearance.

Apple Shape

This is when you carry most of your weight around your tummy or middle. There are a number of one-piece or two-piece suits such as tankini styles or high-waisted ones that can smooth out your middle.

When you choose a suit according to your body type, it will be like you are wearing a suit that UK stars swim in. Pro Swim Wear is a good place to find a costume for any body type.

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Is A-Rod Worthy of Recognition?

alex rodriguez yankees

When New York Yankees designated hitter Alex Rodriguez recently hit a home run, it became career hit number 3,000 for him. That makes him one of fewer than 30 baseball players ever to do so. He has also racked up 2,004 RBIs. As a three-time winner of the MVP award and with 14 All-Star appearances, he qualifies for the Hall of Fame, but can he be called the greatest player of all time? Where does Alex Rodriguez rank in baseball history? With the 12th highest WAR for players in his position, Rodriguez comes after Babe Ruth, Barry Bonds, Willie Mays, Ty Cobb, Tris Speaker, HHank Aaron, onus Wagner, Stan Musial, ddie Collins, Rogers Hornsby, Eand Ted Williams.

The main objection to including him in the Hall of Fame and letting the world know where Alex Rodriquez ranks in baseball history is that he used performance-enhancing drugs. Mays and Aaron did, too. So did their fellow Hall of Famers Mike Schmidt and Mickey Mantle. They used amphetamines. Some of the greatest players in recent memory have been linked to or admitted to using anabolic steroids. They include Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, and Roger Clemens. If A-Rod is to be excluded from the Hall of Fame, it would only be fair to kick the others out.

Many people feel that players involved in doping are cheaters and should not be allowed in the Hall of Fame. Others believe that players like Rodriguez who have taken steroids still deserve recognition. Their reasoning is as follows.

Between the late 1980s and the middle of the 2000s, MLB officials knew about steroid abuse, but they ignored it. They were simply making too much money every time players like Rodriguez hit a home run. McGwire and Sosa battled it out in 1998 to see who could break the record for the most home runs in a season. (McGwire eventually hit 70 home runs, setting a new record.) With record ratings for baseball that season, MLB officials made a boatload of money. A similar situation occurred in 2001, when Bonds hit 71 home runs to break McGwire’s record. Major League Baseball again raked in the dough.

The only reason MLB eventually put to stop to steroid use is that the government forced them to. According to testing for steroids in baseball started in 2003, but the league did not get serious until five years ago. Today, official policy is that steroids and PEDs are a no-no, and players who used to be highly profitable for the league are scorned.

The fact that certain individuals cheated cannot be denied. However, what they did was common practice and actively encouraged at the time. Punishing the players for their actions under those conditions seems unfair. Taking steroids does not automatically make you a superstar. It still takes talent.

Rodriguez was drafted by the Seattle Mariners out of high school in 1993. He made his debut in the major leagues one year later at the age of 18. Rodriguez had power, speed, and defensive skills that made him a key player. He became a free agent after the 2000 season and joined the Texas Rangers. He displayed a high level of ability in his three years with Texas, winning his first AL MVP Award in 2003.

Rodriguez was traded to the New York Yankees just before the 2004 season. He became a third baseman for the team. He won two more AL MVP awards during his first four seasons with New York. In 2007, he became the youngest player in history to hit 500 career home runs.

He has the fourth highest all-time number of career home runs with 667 and counting. In 2010, he became the seventh player in major league history to hit 600 career home runs. In June 2012, he helped the Yankees defeat the Atlanta Braves by hitting his 23rd grand slam, tying the record of Hall of Famer Lou Gehrig.

For part of the 2013 and the entire 2014 season, A-Rod served a suspension as punishment for his drug use. He has undergone hip surgery, returned to the field, and continued to prove his mettle. If that does not make Alex Rodriguez the top-raking player in baseball history, what would?

International champions cup- realmadrid and manchestercity

picGet ready to be a part of the greatest event this year – Champions League. Pack up your scarves and jerseys and be ready to support your favorite team to win. People around the world are impatiently waiting for this and are very nervous, hoping that their team will declare the victory on 2015 Champion League.  At this year’s League will be a million of people that will make the greatest atmosphere ever! So, don’t miss the chance to be a part of this incredible happening.

The teams are already drawn up and believe that there are some interesting matches to watch this year, starting from the Group E there is Manchester City that is faced with the Germany’s champions Bayern Munich, then the Russia’s Champions CSKA Moscow and from the Italy’s Seria A are coming Roma. This year’s preseason summer match between  Manchester City and Real Madrid is happening in Australia. Both of the teams are chosen to play at the International Champions Cup, so grab your tickets and support the team you think it’s better!Here is your opportunity to watch one of your favorite teams playing live. So, try supporting them by buying the tickets to this year’s biggest event and don’t miss the chance to be a part of an incredible event and having the best time of your life.

The previous tournaments, including this year’s Champion League are based on the principle the UEFA coefficient system, but from the next tournament the Champion League is going to change the system which will be more about the sporting merit and with that, it will be given the chance to the new teams to show that their teams are very talented and deserve to be in the Champion League.  So, this means that in the future, we are going to watch a little bit more exciting football, because of the new teams that are going to play. So, what are you waiting for?

This event was founded in 1955 and since then it became worldwide popular and each year, the number of visitors is bigger and bigger. It has been declared as one of the top most popular competitions in the world and number one competitions in European football. Don’t you want to tell your friends where are you spending your money this year? It is going to be a memorable event in your head.

This year are waiting some interesting matches to be watched including the matches where the big teams are going to play, such as Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus, Manchester United, Manchester City and others. There are many reasons why you should buy the tickets for this year’s Champion League right now. People all around the world are waiting to know who will declare the victory this year, so you can buy a ticket and be a part of the Champion League until its end and find out the winner in live. If that’s going to be your team, be well prepared for a great celebration after the finishing of this spectacular event.