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7 Must Have Apps to Watch the Game on the Go

Have you ever absolutely needed to watch the game or at least check the big plays but been stuck somewhere without any television in sight? Chances are you are a busy person and have found yourself in such a predicament. The good news is that modern technology has circumvented this dilemma with your smartphone, and with a Wi-Fi connection (or a preposterously good data plan) and a few choice apps, you can watch the game wherever you are on your great-looking smartphone screen.


Here are seven apps that will ensure you never miss those big plays again:


If it involves a ball or even the slightest bit of physical activity, it is probably on ESPN. And if you enjoy sports, you probably have some sort of subscription or connection to ESPN. WatchESPN will allow your phone to take advantage of that and watch live feeds from all of the major ESPN channels after you verify your subscription. Most of the large TV providers are involved, so it shouldn’t cost you anymore than you’re already paying for your cable service.

This is great if you also enjoy some other shows in addition to the live events that are shown on ESPN, so keep that in mind as well.

NFL Mobile

If you’re looking to watch the big NFL games, NFL Mobile is the app you want installed on your device. In addition to being able to stream live games shown on local TV, the app will also provide you with scores, standings, other stories, and just about anything that you might want or need.

The only real concern that should be mentioned about this app (other than its limitations to Verizon customers only) is that blackouts often concur with local broadcast blackouts. Essentially this is no different than broadcasters, but be aware that this app cannot work miracles.

Fox Sports Go

Fox Sports Go is the app you want if your team is playing on any of the Fox Sports channels. All it requires is having Fox Sports on your cable or satellite package, and it brings the impressive collection of Fox Sports channels to wherever you are on your Android device. It even includes live streaming of major events. Unfortunately while live NFL games won’t be available for phones, most other big sports leagues are involved. It’s definitely worth it if you already have the subscription.

CBS Sports

It’s one of the best sports apps if what you want to watch is going to be broadcast on CBS, and this app handles the major events with relatively little hassle. In addition, you have the benefit of watching a couple of sports shows on the app as well, in addition to the usual statistics and even radio, which is a great feature for listening while you workout. CBS Sports is another absolute must-have if you are using an Android device.

A Virtual Private Network

When you are watching or checking the game on your smartphone, you are almost certainly not at home on a safe network. You are more likely on a highly unsafe public network, where any hacker who feels like it can intercept your data, passwords, and whatever you send or receive through the network. At the very least, someone could take the password and username to the app account you use to watch the game. At the worst, they could use the login information to hack other accounts and steal your identity.

That means you need protection on a public network, and a VPN offers that protection. It connects you to a safe offsite server that allows you to browse online (including watching that game) over an encrypted connection. No one will know what you are watching, and no one will be able to get any data off of your device. If you want to find a good VPN to safely watch the game, check out these reviews and see what might be best for you.

Yahoo Sports

While Yahoo Sports does not let you stream live games on your smartphone, if you find yourself somewhere that the connection isn’t enough for you to stream a video anyways, it is one of the best apps for scores updates and play highlights. Try not to think of it as a lower level of app for your sports needs but an intermediary that will see you through the hard times when watching a video might not be the most convenient or polite thing to do.


Team Stream

Another app that isn’t necessarily for streaming live games, though it does feature highlight videos, is Team Stream. This tool keeps you and your inner super-fan in the know about your favorite team or teams. The app allows you to select your favorite teams from a variety of sports and then sends you a feed of everything you could ever possibly want to know about each team. This is great for helping you decide what to watch and reminding you about upcoming games.

Thank you for reading. Here’s to a winning season and good times with your favorite team wherever you are!

Struggling to Decide the Kind of Sport You Should Take Up? Use These Categories to Help You Choose

Taking up a sport is a fun way to keep active. It allows you to be competitive and keep fit at the same time. But it can often be hard to work out the sort of sport you want to take up. Well, it may help you to have some categories. That way you can narrow down the kinds of things that interest you.

Water Sports

With water sports, you get to combine swimming with other things. You can enjoy a refreshing approach to your sporting life. You’ll also keep very fit because you’ll be in the water a lot of the time. Many water sports can be done as part of a team or collective, like water polo.

However, you can get fun individual pursuits. Things like surfing and stand up paddle boarding. In fact, there are plenty of SUP boards for sale in 2015. If you want to take this up have a look at the selection. Getting the right sort of board is essential.


For those of you out there who are adrenaline junkies, there are extreme sports. These often involve doing dangerous things. Stuff like bungee jumping and hang gliding fall into the extreme sports category. Now, you need to think hard about whether this sort of sport is for you or not.

Many people take up extreme sports for different reasons. For a lot of people, they enjoy the thrill and adrenalin rush. Others might be new to it, but want to expand their horizons. You need to think about what you want to get out of doing extreme sports.


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Team Sports

The most common and popular form of sports is team sports. Think about some of the most popular sports in the world. The majority of them are likely to be team sports. Things like soccer, baseball and football fall into this category. There are plenty of benefits for choosing to enjoy team sports.

For one thing, you get the social aspect. It’s a great way to interact and compete with other sports lovers. You might even make new friends off the back of the sport. It’s also important to have a team ethic when things get competitive. You need someone people there to give you encouragement, and vice versa.


There are plenty of individual sports out there. Some of the most popular choices involve the likes of boxing and tennis. These are hugely popular and have a global fan base. You need to think about how you are as a person. If you’re driven, introverted and independent, you might want an individual sport.

You need to think about why you’re taking up this sport. If it’s for personal fulfilment, then this is fine. If you want to get the competitive element something like tennis would be ideal. But you need to be aware that it can be a lonely place taking up an individual sport. You won’t have a team around you. So you’re going to need to be very mentally strong and disciplined.

When it comes time to choose the sport you want to play, it can be tricky. Many people like to be involved in team games. But others like to be independent and individual. Picking a specific sport is never straightforward. So the best bet is to narrow it down to categories first.